🎶 All these lines on my face getting clearer. 🎶

🎶 Sometime I don’t know, which way to go. Sometimes I can’t tell, but it’s just as well. 🎶

🎶When I’m sad she comes to me with a thousand smiles she gives to me free🎶

🎶 Now everybody’s talking about this New decade Like you say the magic numbers Then just say goodbye to The stupid mistakes you made Oh my memory serves me far too well 🎶

🎶She feels like kicking out all the windows and setting fire to this life She could change everything about her Using colors bold and bright But all the colors mix together to grey.🎶

🎶 Set me alight We’ll punch a hole right through the night.🎶

🎶 Time is never time af all You can never ever leave Without leaving a piece of youth.🎶

🎶’Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here.🎶

🎶I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I’m sure.🎶

🎶 So true Funny how it seems Always in time, but never in line for dreams Head over heels, when toe to toe This is the sound of my soul. 🎶

🎶 When you’re worn out and tired I’ll cover you🎶

🎶 If you wanna kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel. On your knees boy. 🎶

“Everything terrible is something that needs our love.”—Rainer Maria Rilke

🎶 Take a chance like all dreamers can’t find another way You don’t have to dream it all, just live a day 🎶

🎶 Some dance to remember. Some dance to forget.🎶

🎶 Orion’s arms are wide enough 2 hold us both 2gether, Although we’re worlds apart, I’d cross the stars 4 u. 🎶

🎶When you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone, Carry on. May your past be the sound of your feel upon the ground, Carry on. 🎶

🎶Remember walking a mile to your house Aglow in the dark. I made a fumbling play for your heart, And the act struck a spark.🎶

RFor I look around me And my eyes confound me And it’s just too bright As the days keep turning in to night. 🎶

🎶You looked right through me. There was no one else. I sat beside you, and became myself. 🎶