🎶Sun come stealing, oceanic feeling, Sky will soon be clear. Today we can’t afford to be Afraid of what we fear🎶📸

2/23/2024 54/366

🎶On and on the rain will fall, like tears from a star, like tears from a star🎶📸

2/22/2024 53/366

🎶But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear? Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear.🎶📸 2/21/2024 52/366

🎶The sea want to kiss the golden shore, the sunlight warms your skin. 🎶📸 2/20/2024 51/366

🎶And it’s you when I look in the mirror. And it’s you when I don’t pick up the phone.🎶📸 2/16/2024 47/366

🎶She could feel the ocean fall and rise, she saw its raging glory🎶📸 2/14/2024 45/366

🎶Hand in hand, we’ll do and die, Listening to the band that make us cry🎶📸 2/13/2024 44/366

🎶I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves dreaming of things that we might have been🎶📸 2/12/2024 43/366

🎶If you want to kiss the sky, you’ve got to learn how to kneel.🎶📸 2/10/2024 41/366

🎶And we will sway in the moon the way we did when we were younger🎶📸 2/9/2024 40/366

🎶Through the dark streets they go searching to see God in their own way🎶📸 2/7/2024 38/366

🎶I have no need for anger with intimate strangers and I’ve got nothing to hide. 🎶📸 2/3/2024 34/366

🎶I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles such are promises. 🎶📸

2/1/2024 32/336

🎶Don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you any more.🎶📸 1/30/24 30/366