🎶If you want to kiss the sky, you’ve got to learn how to kneel.🎶📸 2/10/2024 41/366

🎶And we will sway in the moon the way we did when we were younger🎶📸 2/9/2024 40/366

🎶I’d leave to find the answers on the road🎶📸 2/8/2024 39/366

🎶Through the dark streets they go searching to see God in their own way🎶📸 2/7/2024 38/366

🎶Roots that spread so deep, bring life to frozen ground. 🎶📸 2/6/2024 37/366

🎶Beneath the sheltering sky🎶📸 2/5/2024 36/366

🎶But I feel better having screamed, don’t you?🎶📸 2/4/2024 35/366

🎶I have no need for anger with intimate strangers and I’ve got nothing to hide. 🎶📸 2/3/2024 34/366

🎶We’ll not fade out too soon, not in this finest hour.🎶📸 2/2/2024 33/366

🎶I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles such are promises. 🎶📸

2/1/2024 32/336

🎶Don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you any more.🎶📸 1/30/24 30/366

🎶Lighten up while you still can🎶📸 1/29/24 29/366

🎶I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive.🎶📸 1/28/24 28/366

🎶We need new dreams tonight.🎶📸 1//27/24 27/366

🎶And the darkness inside you, make you feel so small. 🎶📸 1/26/24 26/366

🎶A Million young poets, screamin’ out their words to a world full of people just living to be heard. 🎶📸

1/25/24 25/366

🎶I can’t light no more of your darkness.🎶📸 1/18/24 18/366

🎶Open your eyes and look at the day, you’ll see things in a different way🎶📸 1/17/24 17/366

🎶If you get lost, you can always be found.🎶📸 1/16/24 16/366

🎶All the white horses are still in bed🎶📸 1/15/24 15/366

🎶And it goes on and on watching the river run🎶📸 1/14/24 14/366

🎶Last thing I remembered, I was runner no for the door🎶📸 1/13/24 13/366

🎶Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue🎶📸 1/12/24 12/366

🎶Dream of better lives the kind which never hate🎶📸 1/11/24 11/366

🎶I’m gonna love you good and strong while our love is good and young.🎶📸 1/10/24 10/366