🎶When I’m feeling stuck in need a buck I don’t rely on luck because the hook brings you back. 🎶📸

It’s been consistently below freezing in the south this week. Yet another way in which masks are awesome.

🎶I can sing it to you all night, all night. If I could, I’d make you alright, alright Nothing stopping you except what’s inside I can help you but it’s your fight, your fight.🎶📸

🎶 When everything feels all over Everyone seems unkind I give you a four leaf clover Take all worry out of your mind. 🎶📸

AT&T Cell Service was down in Huntsville for 36 hours due to the bombing in Nashville. It affected 911 and stores’, as large as Walmart, ability to accept anything other than cash.

While I am not attempting to diminish in any way the horror Nashville is facing, it seems ridiculously easy to bring our communications network to its knees.

As a country, we need to address this. Privatizing everything, and doing everything as cheaply as possible isn’t safe.

🎶 When the lights go out, do you ever doubt the light that we can really be. 🎶📸

🎶 That we don’t even care as restless as we are We feel the pull in the land of a thousand guilts And poured cement, lamented and assured To the lights and towns below🎶📸