Sitting in the living room, the boy threw out his hand towards his water bottle. Think baby Yoda playing ball.

The bottle wavered at the power of the dark side but remained affixed to the table.

So either the force is weak, or someone has been waited on just a bit too often.

I was born a year before we landed on the moon. Growing up, until at least the Hostage Crisis, there was a sense that everything was possible if we tried.

I miss those days. It’s well past time for the world to believe in the possible again. 📸#mbnov

The myth of the self-made man is killing us. Lies kill us.

Dependence is life. We are gloriously, hopelessly, beautifully dependent on one another.

Embracing this is embracing life.

Show the “self-made” a new way. Give him a hug. #mbnov

“Black is the absence of light, but white is the absence of memory, the color of can’t remember.”

—Stephen King, Duma Key