🎶Through the dark streets they go searching to see God in their own way🎶📸 2/7/2024 38/366

🎶I have no need for anger with intimate strangers and I’ve got nothing to hide. 🎶📸 2/3/2024 34/366

🎶I have squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles such are promises. 🎶📸

2/1/2024 32/336

🎶Don’t imagine you’re too familiar, and I don’t see you any more.🎶📸 1/30/24 30/366

🎶A Million young poets, screamin’ out their words to a world full of people just living to be heard. 🎶📸

1/25/24 25/366

🎶Open your eyes and look at the day, you’ll see things in a different way🎶📸 1/17/24 17/366

🎶I’m gonna love you good and strong while our love is good and young.🎶📸 1/10/24 10/366

🎶Well, she’s walking through the clouds with a circus mind that’s running ‘round🎶📸 1/9/24 9/366

🎶Half my life’s in books written pages. Live and learn from fools and from sages🎶📸 1/8/24 8/366